Your Duties

We expect the highest standards from our referees and want to ensure that all our referees fulfil their duties properly. Those who do not could be reported to Cheshire FA and sanctioned. Also, our appointments panel will not consider referees for any appointments unless the expected standards are met.

Referees are being paid a fee to provide a service, therefore we expect that they attend a minimum of two training and development events during the season and also adhere to the following general principles:

– Confirm match details with the home club in the week preceding the match.
– Arrive at the ground a minimum 30 minutes before kick-off.
– Greet the responsible club official upon arrival.
– Carry out a pitch inspection.
– Ensure all equipment required is available (nets, posts, corner flags, match balls).
– Carry out an inspection of players’ equipment/jewellery.
– Ensure their kit/boots are smart and clean.
– Ensure they have flags for the club assistants.
– Perform to the best of their ability.
– Complete any match report card before leaving the ground.
– Represent ADFA to the highest possible standards.
– Report ALL misconduct to the relevant County FA.