Mentoring is a powerful tool in the education and development of referees at all levels. Successful referee education programmes change the behaviour and practices of referees – whether they are newly qualified or international referees.

For this change to occur, learning must take place. Mentoring supports the learning process. Mentoring, quite simply, means a one-to-one relationship supporting the development of another referee. The concept is as broad as necessary and as inclusive as possible.

We provide access to mentors during each of our monthly meetings to allow you to discuss issues or seek advice.  If you would like a mentor to attend one of your matches, please contact our Mentor Officer to arrange that for you. For those referees wanting a more permanent level of support to help them develop over an extended period of time, speak to our Mentor Officer about having a permanent mentor allocated to you.

Mentor Officer:
Stephen Brown
07932 694841

ADRS Mentoring Strategy
Guidance for Parents