FA Registration

Annual registration as an FA Referee requires 3 things: Payment of the registration fee, a valid Criminal Records Check (CRC), and valid Safeguarding training.

You will need your FAN number and to go to the following link and login: www.wholegame.thefa.com.
Once you have logged on to your dashboard you’ll see the Registration icon on the left, simply click that and work through the short process.
It is also important to remember that you must register with the County FA in addition to any forms that any of the local leagues will ask you to complete.
Registration is £20, payment will be processed online and only take a few moments to complete. You will then receive your registration number for the new season.

Criminal Record Check (CRC)
Who needs a CRC?
Current legislation states anyone 16 or older who undertakes any unsupervised roles with children. For referees this means any referee aged 16 or older who referees youth football (Under 18’s and below).

Why do I need a CRC?
It is football’s responsibility to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected and allowed to enjoy football in a safe environment. We therefore need to be confident we can say the following:
• We follow the correct procedures when recruiting people to work with children
• All relevant people have been checked (CRC)

What happens if I don’t get a CRC?
Simply, you will be breaking the Law and committing a criminal Offence. You would not be able to register and leagues would not be able to appoint you to Youth football.

How long does a CRC last?
Your CRC will last for 3 years.

What if I already have a CRC through work or other organisation?
The FA CRC is workforce specific (i.e. for working with children), therefore generally any other CRC you may hold from elsewhere will not meet the relevant criteria. You need to apply for the FA CRC.

How much will my CRC cost?
The cost of your CRC will depend on your level and role within the referee workforce:
• Level 4 – Level 10 referees, and assessors, tutors, mentors and coaches – £10 (Volunteers)
• Level 1 – Level 3 referees – £54 (Non-Volunteers)

*IMPORTANT* How do I apply for a CRC?
• First you must complete an online application by going to the following link:
Select REGISTER from login screen and enter the details provided by your County FA.

• Once registered you can then login using the above details and commence your online CRC application. You will be asked for your National Insurance number, Passport and Driving Licence numbers so ensure you have this information ready. Please also ensure you provide your FAN number in the field provided.
• Once your online application is completed and submitted then you must get your original identity documents verified by contacting one of the following verifying officers:
– Ken Leach 0161 904 9171 or 07790 106750
– Stuart Kay 0161 903 8817 or 07740 088842
– Stuart Liston 07788 926773
• Once your documents have been verified and the application submitted your CRC will be processed. Upon completion both yourself and the County FA will receive a copy of the CRC disclosure including your CRC number which you will need when completing your annual registration process.
• By completing an online CRC application you are allowing the FA to have sight of any criminal record or non-conviction information that is held by the police. This may include outstanding prosecutions and relevant allegations of criminal behaviour. The FA may disclose this information to those involved in making a suitability decision. The FA may use any or all of this information to help decide on your suitability to be involved with children or vulnerable adults in football.

In addition to holding a CRC it is important that each referee has completed safeguarding training. Should you need to update your training then the following links should be followed:
Over 16’s
Under 16’s
learning.thefa.com using FAN number to log in – then complete course via learning.thefa.com